Bol D'or completes lap of Phillip Island

I recently rode the Bol D’or down to Phillip Island for the International Classic (historic racing), a round trip of 1600 km. During the 3 day program there was an event called the Parade Lap where owners of pre-1990 bikes can ride a single lap of the circuit to display their machines. Speed is restricted to 80kmh and you have to stay behind the lead bike, hence the absence of lean angle and knee-down shenanigans. The photo is taken at the exit of turn 8 (aka The Hayshed). Phillip Island has to be ridden to be believed!

Bol D’or at Phillip Island.pdf (344 KB)

:o your shoes! Here you would have been banned ‘til you come with proper motorcycle boots! But your VF2 looks great! Mine is not as nice as your’s… :’(


Great picture of a lovely bike :wink:

Nice one!

My brother sent out a bike for the classic this year, but work commitments meant he couldn’t go with it.

It was ably ridden by a local road racer from here (Ireland) and did very well in class.

It was a bored out Z1000 in a Nico Bakker frame.

In fact, Team Ireland finished third behind the Ozzies and the Yanks, so not bad for a first outing.