Bol D'or fairing part wanted

Hello, fellow V4 owners. Does anybody have a central lower fairing part (the V-shaped in front of lower radiator) for sale? I am looking for a decent one, with all attachment flanges still there. Outer looks not that important, it will go to paint shop anyway.
I’ll montitor this group now and then (not much traffic here), so you can also email me to pekka dot koivu at finnlog dot fix. And please, remove the x from fix.

all the best

ps. project is getting forward: the front fork is there, and so are fairing “gage”, steel-braided brake hoses, gauges, and lots of fixed/straightened/repainted/cleaned/polished things :slight_smile:

Hi Pekka,

Try David Silver Spares here in the UK.

I got a new old stock v piece from them about 2 years ago - it wasn’t on the website, but when I asked over the phone the very helpful person on the phone went away to check and they had them on stck. Can’t remember how much - but I can’t remember it being overly expensive - think I paid around £30

Good Luck!

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