Bol D'or

Hi guys, first post (of many I guess)but been lurking for a while. I think I have a basket case Bol D’or, unsure yet what exact year. The bike is rat, now other way to describe it, sorry. It’s been down the road and beyond finding all the parts and restoring it. I am considering using it for sprinting and drag racing. Can anyone help me out on stuff like gear ratios ? My friend at work who owned an original VF1000 and still says it was his best bike, tells me the Bol D’or had higher primary gearing, can you confirm this and let me know what it was. My manual does not cover the Bol D’or.

Thanks in advance.

Hi,primary reduction figures are 1.971/1 for all models except the F2 which is 1.888/1.
Its no problem to swap between the two.
regards BIF