Bol d'Or

Hi all.
Ive been doing a bit of a refurb on the Bol d’or that was given to me by the man you all know as Bif and who is without doubt one of the best people you could ever meet in your life. I wanted to give the old girl some TLC and so I have started on a few jobs.
None were crucial or even strictly necessary but I have had her for four and a half years so I think she deserves it.I have at last got a mancave to keep my bikes in and a bike lift which was donated as well. Again, thanks go to Bif for his help and hard work on that front. New wheel bearing and seal kits , new HH brake pads all round , Wavy discs, new genuine Honda thermostat and O ring, Dot5.1 fluid , oil and filter. I got new plugs too but Bif had fitted Iridiums and they are perfect. New antifreeze will be going in too. Once I get it all finished (not far away now) it will be MOT time and then she will be ready for the VF Scotland trip. Can’t wait! :smiley:

hi john-boy,
yep scotland aint that far away, been in the garage myself, just converting the ff/fe’s previously converted 4 into 1 collector box back into a 4 into 2 collector box, twin delkevic DS70 stubby cans… it is rather loud…
will get the fe up and running too just incase,
keep up the good work, see you and the scotish crew in about 5 weeks :o

Likewise me in the “sarf.” Got an MOT arranged for the FF next Weds, so fingers crossed. I was going to spend time on getting the specially bought Krauser panniers and frames fitted to carry my gear but its such a faff getting past those side panels to secure the frames and I’d rather not cut them. So its a large tank bag and a holdall on the back seat for me. Looking forward to it and the fine weather Biff has guarantee’d us !


Will be good to see you Pete and see all the VFs together again. See you soon ;D

Good work John,the Trip is fast approaching and I have a couple of jobs I want to do on my Bol,I will be interested to hear how the changes to the brakes work out.They will never be as good as Petes Firestorm setup but a massive improvement over the original.
Best regards Bif

Finished the brakes today and they feel good at the lever, hope they feel good when she is rolling! ;D

Well the trip is fast approaching and the Bol still isnt tested. Discovered a leaking fork seal so pulled the forks out and stripped , cleaned and rebuilt the forks with new seals and dust covers. A seal tool is an absolute godsend, dont know how I ever managed without it. While the forks are out Ive been fettling up the V piece of the fairing. Hope to get the forks back in and MOT done this week. ;D