Bol wins best in class at Scottish classic show

I was working in the garage tonight with the door open and a car pulled up across my drive,the driver introduced himself as a fellow Bol owner.
It transpires his Bol was in the bike shop being recommissioned after 16 years off road when I was in getting an MOT.
He had put it back on the road for Sunday runs and to take to shows,which he did last weekend and won best in class.
I will continue to work with the door open,you never know who I might meet

Well done that chap. Did you have to grit your teeth when he told you Bif ? :-\

Not at all Martin,his bike is totally standard and pretty tidy too.
Mine was built to ride rather than show,the non standard bits I have used would go against me in a show but are more practical on road.
There is a local show coming up so I may take my RF to that as it is almost standard,no point in there being two BolDors
Great to see these fantastic bikes get some recognition at last
Regards Bif

Hi bif…
Yeah it’s always good to bump into other vf owners where ever they turn up… If you decide to either show or just attend that classic bike show let us know… I may be up for a ride up there. Ive hardly been out on the vf since we got back from Scotland. Could do with giving one of the vf’s a run out…

I haven’t been out on mine either since the Scottish trip, that’s because I’ve only just thawed out !! 8)