Bold'dor lower fairing fitting

Can anybody enlighten me the best way to fit the lower fairing panels on a 1985 Bol’dor without removing the front wheel? It looks to me that the both sides have to be fixed together and then slid on from the front of the bike requiring the removal of the front wheel. thanks Paneuro

Best way is to raise the front wheel about 60mm onto a house brick or similar, lean the bike right over on the side stand, put some towels on the floor under the bike and just slide the fairing under from the right hand side…:+1:


Are you sure, sounds a bit scary to me. Could it maybe fall over? I think I will need back up holding onto the bike on the other side before I have a go at that! I’m a bit surprised at Honda producing a bike where this procedure is required to remove and replace the lower fairing. Anyway I’ll have a go and let you know how I get on. Thanks Paneuro.