Brake lever causing lock up of brakes

Be ware if u use a after market brake lever, i rebuilt my front brake master/ oem Honda parts worked great 4 a 100 miles, then i installed a Motion Pro brake lever, i didn’t make it 2 miles b4 my front brakes on my 1984 Honda VF 1000F Interceptor locked up when i pulled in the clutch lever, then my front wheel locked up causing me to be thrown off & into a curb,(45 minutes later the front brakes were still locked up, until i removed the lever from the master cylinder, releasing the brakes),( i installed a oem lever & the brakes work fine), took a month to recover, if i had made another 12 blocks i would have been on the freeway, where i might have been killed.
when installing this lever u need to push the lever in a little bit to get the pivot bolt to line up, which causes the the master plunger to push in, covering the fluid return hole, when that happens as soon as the brakes get hot the fluid expands & applies the brakes, locking up the front brakes, causing injury or death !!!

Just happy that you are OK @1984FAST !!

Thank you, the reason i wrote this article, hopefully to keep some 1 else from death or injuries. This company has been making this lever 4 20 years, it fits bikes from the early 80s thru 2014, Motion Pro has discontinued this lever butte they r still in stock everywhere, Amazon, E-Bay, Partzilla all sell this lever !

Yep, been there done that, didn’t come off though, after market lever to blame , cracking the banjo bolt on the caliper released the pressure so I could limp bike home.

Thanks 4 the feedback , i was told by Motion Pro that i was the only 1 that had a problem / their lever. i purchased 2 more brake levers , Motion Pro & both depressed the brake master plunger, i knew there had to be a lot of injuries & who knows how many DEATHS from this part ?

More common than you would think,had the same happen on a 750s I built a few years back

Thank you 4 ur input, i hope u got a payment 4 ur personal injuries & damage to ur bike out of Motion Pro ?