Brake Seals --

I rebuilt my front brakes today and have come across a problem maybe others are already aware of, the new ( genuine Honda from Dave S )calliper seals don’t appear to have a “dished” shape.
The old ones when removed were clearly as per the manual ( Honda & Clymer ) with one side narrower than the other so that when viewed in profile they appear “cambered” or “dished” just like the diagram in the manual – HOWEVER, try as I might I couldn’t see the right or wrong way to put the new seals in !!!
I tried measuring with a vernier and marking round with a pen onto a sheet of paper but I coudn’t detect a difference so in the end I just fitted them, so far they appear to be working and sealing ???
Anybody else experienced this and able to confirm that the new seals don’t have a right and wrong way round ?? and that they’ll continue to work !!??
Perhaps I’ll take it up with Honda and try to get explanation.

VF1000FE & ZX7R

They work however you put them in.We have rebuilt three sets of calipers to date using seals which as you have pointed out have no taper.No terminal brake failure as of yet.15000 miles on one set so I think you will be fine
enjoy BIF