I have always used EBC sintered pads on my bikes and would like to do the same with my VF.
Anyone have any problems with these pads on their bikes?

I do not do big mileage, my bikes are for fun and a trip abroad most years so accelerated disc wear has never been a problem for me.

Thanks, Graham.

Except accelerated disc wear mainly on after market discs,the chineese (?) set of discs on my VF1000R G was wrecked at the same time as the pads,no problem… ???

ive been using the gold fren sintered pads for a few years now and haven’t noticed any excessive wear on the original discs, but i only probably do about 1000/1500 miles a year on the vf,

fred, you have got me worried now, ive bought some aftermarket wavy disc’s for the project fe/ff, ill be really pea’d off if the discs wear out before the pads >:( ;D

Hi Pete,
keep cool:the discs and pads lasted 35 000km of hard riding/breaking,that’s about 22 000 miles,so don’t worry,they w’ll last 15 years considering your annual milage! ;D And may be, you do not compete each week end with boys on today’s superbikes on our twisting roads as I still do … :-[ always says;"you’re not sixteen anymore, you’re sixty! ;D :’(