Breakdown cover

On our latest outing oop norf we had need of a recovery service,the assistance provided by Carole Nash was non existent.
We ended up arranging recovery on our own.
My insurance renewal arrived today included was a charge of £92 for breakdown cover,being a canny Scot I enquired how this sum was calculated.£52 for the first bike and £20 for each bike there after.
As I lack the talent to ride more than one bike at a time I asked why I was paying per bike and not just for cover for which ever I was riding.
That’s not the way we do it was the reply,so I cancelled the policy.
Gary has what appears to be the best breakdown cover with a phone number you can call to get help when you need it.
Perhaps you could post the details for us Gary,I will need some sort of cover.
Has anyone else had a bad experience with breakdown cover that is linked to their insurance?
Regards Bif

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I’m surprised at Carole Nash but have not used them in the UK, my only experience with recovery was with them abroad.
A deer knocked me off in the middle of Spain (not the VF) bike had a broken footrest but was bodgable and I had a broken ankle so could not ride. My travel ins flew me home and CN brought the bike back to my front door.
It sounds like things are different at home ?? did they just not turn up ??

Hi bif.

The breakdown cover I use is from autoaid and can be found at ive just checked my policy and found you no longer have to pay first and claim it back, they sort it all out for you. Ive not had to use them yet so can’t give first hand testimony but other bikers from work have said they had no problems. This is an insurance based policy and covers you not the bike so any vehicle you are driving is covered also your wife / partner is covered this is why I chose it as it covers all my bikes and cars for much less than AA or RAC, not sure how much carol nash charge but it only covers your bikes. Just read bifs first post again and £92 is very steep, this policy costs £48. Have a look at website and see what you think.


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