Breaking a vf1000 bol dor

Hi , I am picking up a Bol Dor soon,been standing for years in a shed. Been told it’s all there except the fairing and head light and was running when put away. Not sure what to do with it, anyone after any spares? or is it worth doing up.

Sad thing is vgc ones struggle to fetch much above 2k in the uk, youll be looking at about £500 for fairing and headlight, that if you can find a headligh, they are like rocking horse poo, ebay is full of the usual f2 spares… only way to make anything out of it is to get it running and sell it as a project so an enthusiast whos motivation isnt money can get it back on the road …

What country are you in?
What year is it?
If you sold it as is, what would you look at selling it for?
Photo’s would be helpfull.

Hi John, are you looking for one, I may know of one in Melb for sale.
Cheers Matt