breaking down

Hello ,
I currently have my bike (vf 1000 fe) at the mechanics trying to fix a problem with it breaking down , it does this at 5000 revs then comes good then brakes down again at 7000 revs . He as had the carbys cleaned and has also balanced them, it also has a problem starting when hot . He thinks maybe the emulsion tubes may be knackered , does any body have any ideas what might be going on ?

What exactly do you mean breaking down ?
was this under load or on the centre stand ?
Please can you give us a better description of what it does.
when did it get serviced last ?

G’day Windy
It is at the bike shop now he has done a service , taken the carby’s off had them dipped refitted them , balanced them . It is under load when it happens ,I can’t tell exactly what happens when it breaks down because the mechanic is the one riding it . from what i can gather it coughs and farts a bit then picks up and does it again around 7000 revs. he has slso changed the spark plugs and replaced one of the spark plug leads.

[:)]I just replace the ht leads on my rear coil(two rear cylinders)and one of the caps was the wrong type(it was for a car) so I fitted 2 new ngk caps because it started to miss fire.No cracks in the coil pack.
this cured the problem for me. I am going to fit new ht cable to the front two coil leads as I have enough left for the job.

28 year old cable goes hard and breaks easy.
Buy you cable from ebay by the metre all colours but I picked black and make sure it has the right spark plugs,I fit standard as Mr Honda knows best,cost him millions to get it right(cheapest on ebay for 4 with free postage included and NGK caps (check with a Honda dealer for reference

Let me know how it goes sound like an electrical problem