Breaking two Honda Vf1000f 1983 for parts

Let me know what you need. I have two bikes.
One complete and one is missing some details.

The bikes have 41mm f2 complete frond ends.

IMG_20200830_132829 (Large) IMG_20200830_134145 (Large) IMG_20200830_134157 (Large)
IMG_20200825_162807 (Large) IMG_20200825_162815 (Large) IMG_20200825_162820 (Large) IMG_20200825_162824 (Large) IMG_20200830_130335 (Large) IMG_20200830_130343 (Large) IMG_20200830_130353 (Large) IMG_20200830_130442 (Large) IMG_20200830_132809 (Large) IMG_20200830_132815 (Large) IMG_20200830_132819 (Large) IMG_20200830_134009 (Large) IMG_20200830_134017 (Large) !)|666x500](upload://5aQdVQo6Bkk9KvbNexSMWmfbYpa.jpeg)

IMG_20200825_175001 (Large) IMG_20200825_175024 (Large) IMG_20200830_134227 (Large) IMG_20200830_134317 (Large) IMG_20200830_134351 (Large) IMG_20200830_134638 (Large)
IMG_20200830_135027 (Large) IMG_20200830_135034 (Large) IMG_20200830_135043 (Large) IMG_20200830_135047 (Large) IMG_20200830_135051 (Large) IMG_20200830_135054 (Large) IMG_20200830_135102 (Large) IMG_20200830_135118 (Large) IMG_20200830_162320 (Large)
IMG_20200830_135040 (Large)|375x500 !

Hi. Im after an inlet valve. I have an 84, do you know if they’re the same?

They supposed to be the same. I will take the head off the bike and extract the valve to make measurements.

These are the “narrow” head engines, same as in 83 and 84. I have different heads but they are at my home and I am located in Den Helder Nl currently.

Thanks for the info! damn! I thought this was an American site. Shipping might be a pain. I was interested in a lot of other parts as well…

There is international crowd here. Lots of helpful people :slight_smile:

Shipping to USA at this moment would be difficult because of political situation. You can check out for pricing.

Thanks so much! The bike is actually in NZ so ill look into both!

I am looking for the top and bottom battery cushion for my VF1000F
do you have a set by any chance? If yes what condition are they and how much do you want for them?

I’m after a TRAC adjuster knob. Would you have one that has the decal in tact on it?


Do you have a torque link washer, item 11 on the schematic?


I have only battery bottoms, two of them. Pretty similar condition.

IMG_20200830_170611 (Large) IMG_20200830_170616 (Large) IMG_20200830_170623 (Large)

Both TRAC adjuster knobs are dead, sorry.

I will check for that torque link washer and get back to you.

No worries, Pablo, thanks for looking.

Would be interested in the honda in UK could pay by PayPal if possible.regards

PayPal is always possible. I will make sure the clock works today and will send you private message.

Hi Pablo, would you be willing to sell the damping adjuster knob off the RH fork top?

Also if you still have the kms only instruments, would you be willing to post to Australia?

I need some kibbeling, pommes special, kip with sate and a portion of vla …

Hope to have some vacantie soon.



Hi, Jeffo,

I have a Km only speedo and odometer in the yellow scheme if that’s any use to you?

At least I’ll have them when they’ve been removed from my bike during the pommification process.

If they’re any use to you, give me a shout.

Thanks Chris, I would prefer to keep with red but will keep these in mind for an option. My speedo needle just broke in half yesterday and I have just dismantled and it has crumbled as it is so brittle.

I have a red UK spec speedo you could pinch the needle off if that would be of use?

What would you want for the entire cluster? My tacho needle has already been glued up!!!