brighter led headlamp bulb for the VF1000FE

where to get a brighter led headlamp bulb for the VF1000FE ? :slight_smile:

Halfords do their own range of bulbs between 50 and 150% brighter than the standard ones, i can confirm they are a good upgrade because i’m using one on my Magna.

Osram Nightbreakers also come very highly rated. LED are problematic, because the beam pattern generally isn’t where you need it to be.

If they ABSOLUTELY have to be LED. these are good, but spendy.


I’m using those Halfords ones:

And they work very well with the OEM reflector.

Have looked at the LED ones, but they seem a bit pricey for now.

On my old ST4s, I had done a HID upgrade, and it was worth it, but I’m not sure I’d bother with the VF as the set-up mentioned is pretty good.

I would stay away from LED for the headlight. The light is brighter but the beam of light is shorter so you do not see that much far ahead as with standard bulb. Check YT for comparison test on multiple headlights with same effect.

Good H4 bulb will be much better solution.

Best upgrade overall would be to install a crystal clear Chevy headlight and put a 4700k HID bulb inside. I have seen this done and looks awsome, as soon as its in my budget I am jumping on this.

Just thought I would share this.

I also run a CB1300S which has a v poor headlight and after a couple of goes and reading the thread on AdvRider I have ended up with one of these in it, as they came in a pair I fitted the other in the VF and it works really well.