Broken Cam Follower AARRRGGGG

It was going so well, almost at the last tappet adjustment, just tightening the lock nut and bang the end of the follower snapped off.

So I need a FF cam follower, anyone have one lying around ?

Question, will the follower shaft and follower come out without taking the camshaft out ?

Any help much appreciated.

Hi Bart,should have one in the store,I will have a look tomorrow.
From memory the follower needs the shaft removed and then turned a bit before it comes out,never actually tried it with the cam in place
Regards Bif

Downer Bart. … I seem to remember trying to remove a rocker arm with the cam in position… Unfortunately it wouldn’t come out from under the cam…
I do hope it’s a front rocker arm that needs removing as some of the rear ones can’t be removed with the engine in the frame…

Bif, that would be great if you have one.

Pete, it is the front exhaust so some good luck I suppose.

I don’t normally do this sort of thing and always use a torque wrench but these are not the easiest for this.

I have the follower end cap off but the shaft is hitting something so it looks like it is a cam out.

Yep… one of the end bolts that holds the cam caps down goes across the end of the rocker arm shaft, you will have to remember that when you reassemble, the shaft has a notch in the end that needs to be at 90 degrees to the head… but even with the rocker arm shaft removed the rocker won’t come out from under the cam… you may get away with loosening the cam caps and lifting the cam slightly…

Thanx for that Pete, good info, will have a look later.

Got the follower shaft out but as suspected the follower will not come out with the camshaft in place. I’m worried that if I just loosen the caps the tension in the cam chain my pull the camshaft in and end up in a right pickle. I can’t do much till I have a new follower so will sleep on it.
The good news is the cams look pretty good though.

The other thing of concern is the oil strainer being clear.

I have one here Bart,PM details for posting
Regards Bif

Thats brilliant mate, pm sent.

Thankyou very much

It will be in the post today,with any luck it will be with you tomorrow
Best regards Bif

Thanks Bif, really appreciate it.

It arrived today Biff, many many thanks.

You have not said what I owe you … send a PM if you like.

Thanks again

P.S. just off to re re re read the camshaft bit in the manual again.

She lives…in the end I had to take the cams out and tensioner (to reset it) but it all sounds good now.

Still have a bit of fettling to do but plan to tax it next month.

Thanks again Bif