Bullet proofing a VF1000RE Motor.

Smee again…[;)]

Just starting to remove the RE motor and transplant it into the FE frame. So while motors out what can we do to make this motor better without fitting Howardk’s Turbo eg, “high pressure oil mod” haven’t seen this mentioned for a RE motor as yet, do they require it being done…[?] What else would be a good investment at this stage?

Paul F

No modifications necessary really as far as I know, engines a peach and quite strong ( No chocolate cams anyway ) - just regular oil changes with good quality oil.
While engine out it’s easy to check valve gaps etc and maybe change the plugs.

VF1000FE & ZX7R

Hi again Paul,
The Re motor is baisicaly an Fe with gear driven cams.With the exception of a compression ratio of 11:1 instead of 10.5:1 and the exhaust cam opening 5 degrees early they are the same beast.Hadleigh is spot on with good quality oil and regular changes which is very cheap insurance.The only other thing we do is change to an 18 tooth drive sprocket.
This drops the rpm by 500 at 60 mph,improved economy and more use of the VFs impressive spread of torque.We use one from a 1980 CB750FA [339.18]
regards BIF

You can also get a front sprocket from a cb1300 which’s 19 tooth, from memory it cost £10 from a honda dealer

Thanks Guy’s,
Worrying about rev’s & sprockets are a long way off as yet but all the good info is getting filed away for when it’s required.
You guy’s save people like me (unfamiliar with the mechanics) a lot of heartache, wasted time and personal expense with assistance from the forum. Great work and keep it up.

Paul F