Bump starting ... anyone managed it without hospitalisation ?

I went down to Highbury for the FA final on Sat ( yes, I loved it ) and on way back we stopped for chips and afterwards VF wouldn’t even turn over !! I’d had the manual cool fan switched on for a long time in the traffic .
Anyway, we ( four of us !! ) tried to bump start her to no avail, she wouldn’t even turn over !! We tried 1st as well as the normal 2rd but however suddenly we dropped the clutch the engine refused to spin. It seemed as tho’ the slipper clutch was doing it’s job so well that we couldn’t bump her, anyone else tried and or succeeded ?
We ended up in an exhausted sweaty gasping heap of bodies on the pavement - defeated.
BTW Got her going by taking batt off friends RZ ( RD in UK , RZ is Aussie ) 350 and holding neg terminals together and using the fixed 3mm wire to bridge to VF positive, spun and fired up perfectly !!! AND didn’t melt mates batt wire !! Phew.

What make of battery was on it
I have an upgraded Yuasa 19Ah
It just fits in between the frame :slight_smile:

Oh it was a bit of a bodge, I was using up the old battery from my SORN’d ZX7, so it was small, 7 yrs old and only 10ah capacity.
It had done me for nearly 5yrs so hadn’t done badly. I’ve now got a full sized AGM 20ah Motobatt delivered and ready to fit from M&P.
Should do the trick for a while - I don’t want to do any more pushing late at night on the A12 in Romford !!

yep, they are a nightmare to bump start, to cut a long story short, mine failed to start after last years mot, which was its first run after i rebuilt it, it started up loads of times in the garage at home, but the ride to the mot station killed the battery… i ended up with 2 grease monkeys and a customer pushing me up and down the car park to no avail, then one of the mechanics had a go, stood up on the foot pegs then slammed his weight down on the seat as he let the clutch out, a couple of goes and it just caught on… turned out to be a loose conection in the alternator coupler…

I’ve successfully bump started mine a few times… usually by myself too… Luckily I was close to a downward slope the times I needed to to it… But I never had any troubles doing it…Usually works better in 2nd gear