Burnt out wiring

I have a VF where the wiring between the alternator and regulator rectifier has completely melted the connector plugs. It has almost completely separated the pins from the socket and so am not sure of which yellow wire should go to which pin. I am about to replace the connectors and I presume that it matters although with them all being yellow I wonder whether it does or not.
I did see a similar thread as below but didn’t see this particular point. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

hi peter,

its fairly common for the alternator/reg, rectifier plug connector to melt over time, the yellow wires can plug in in any order, hope this helps

Thanks Pete,

Thanks very much for your reply, its very helpful. If I get home early enough tonight, I’ll try to fix it.


vf pete,

I have ordered a new regulator/rectifier but for the time being, I hard wired out the connector. Voltage is about 14 Volts which I think should be okay, rectifier gets a bit warm but the wiring isn’t, so it looks as though it could have been just the connector. Will replace it anyway when the new one comes and reinstall a new three pin connector.



This is quite common problem, and some people solve it simply by soldering the wires instead of using the original connector. There is a replacement kit from Honda, with probably stiffer spade connectors, this will leave the possibility to change rectifier easily. Part number is 31105-ML8-305, and I have used it in two of my VF:s. Problem with original connectors is, that they get loose causing resistance and therefore heat.