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In the process of selling current bike but am looking for a VF1000RE/F. my poor attempts at forum/internet searching have not turned up a tips for buying guide. Wondered if you guys with experience of these bikes can tell me what I should be looking for and paying?



Just the general: See the general condition, listen to the engine to find out strange noises (whining is normal, it comes from cam gears). Low-end knocking and big valve noises could be a symptom of something expensive. If the plastics are in bad shape/cracked/missing, it might be expensive and difficult to find new ones. The -85 and -86 do have line-bored camshafts, which solved some possible wear problems. Check the second gear, if it pops off on hard acceleration. When asking the market prices, info of your country will be helpful.

Thanks for info, I was looking for any model specific weaknesses. I always forget that the internet provides a worldwide audience. I am UK based. The bike I am interested in is a dealer based 9000 mile 1000E, original pristine condition, no history. asking 4500GBP. Is this reasonable??

The cam problems may be present with R:s too, I have heard at least one case with really badly pitted camshaft. But, my 96000 F2 and 72000 R-engine had very good cams. I assembled an oil mod, which feeds more oil to cams anyway. I am sure, that our UK members know about market prices.

Have you guys seen the price guide in Practical Sports Bike Mag
Mint - £3-4k
Good - £2-3k
Ratty - £1.2-2.5k
Basket case £.6k-1.2k
Issue No7 may 2011.
The bike got a pretty good write up.
Apparently the thous do not have the same cam probs as the 750s as the caps and heads are line bored not machined separatly. So they say Mine are still perfect after 30k miles so it could be true!