Caliper Mounts...

Hi Folks…

I’ve kept hold of a set of VF1000FE calipers for a trike project I’m working on… I have new seals, pads, etc, so it madkes good economic sense to use these calipers… Thing is, the front calipers are missing their mounts…

The RHS mount is a fairly simple bracket and I know the LHS one is a complex pivot that activates the andi-dive valve in that fork, and is a completely different shape from the RHS one…


Does anyone have the RHS bracket spare…?

Can the LHS bracket be sourced as a “mirror image” to the RHS? (From a different model, perhaps…?

TIA for any info


Hi Mitti,check with dave silver for a LH bracket from a CB900ZB i think it was.I used one of these with VF calipers on the front of my CBX.I have a spare RH bracket you can have perhaps as an exchange for your airfilter.Regards BIF

Hi Bif;

an exchange for the air filter sounds good… Can’t find details of a CB900ZB model though… Could you send a photo of your CBX setup…?



Hi Bif.

I’ve found it…! The mounts are the same as those fitted to the CB900FB model and there’s a complete LHS cliper on ebay just now… I’ll snap that up and do the swap with the air filter for your RHS bracket, then that’ll be sorted…

If you let me have your address details, I’ll get the filter into the post asap. Could you PLEASE make sure that the bracket (Item 19)still has the stainless pad retainer (Item 12) on it…? I don’t have that part either. Many thanks!


Hi Bif;

Got the caliper mount yesterday - Muchas Gracias…!

No return address for the air filter though… Send me the datails and I’ll get it in the post ASAP



Emailed my address on the 20th Jeff,4 Mountainhall view,Dumfries,DG1 4YZ Regards BIF