Cam chain rattle

New to this site some great info on here, and have a few questions if anybody can help purchased a neglected VF1000F2 as a project bike needs lots of work so could not really give it a good run, seems a solid bike and should restore well, question is engine rattle i assumed this could be cam chain im in the process of adjusting valve clearance how can i identify any issues with chain or tensioner

Turn the engine to TDC 1-3 mark and with the cam covers off check for slack on the back run of the cam chains.
If you find a lot of free play the tensioner has jammed.
To free off pull the tensioner blade up while pushing the lock plate forward with a thin screwdriver.
Release the tensioner blade then the lock plate
Rotate the engine a few times and recheck.

Thanks, I don’t think the slack is excessive around 8mm on TDC is this ok

Where are you measuring the slack?

along the top after removing the guide20210102_173957

If that’s total deflection(4mm down 4mm up) I wouldn’t be worried

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