Cam Chains.

I’m gonna be replacing my 26 year old chains as part of the engine rebuild. The original chains are DID and stamped with the code 219 FTS on the sideplates. Dave Silver is out of stock of OEM, but CMS has them listed for 119 euros each(!!). Upon further investigation I have found the original DID chains available through Orwell Motorcycles, Wemoto and Debben Performance, new parts listed at approx £30 each! Any one know of any reason why I shouldn’t get a pair from one of those sources, and why do Honda price thereparts so highly(even when Dave Silver had them they were £70 +vat!)[?]

Isn’t this standard stealer practie scratcher? Its my experience anyhow. They seem to think they don’t need to compete on price and of course always state “always use main dealer parts”.

Hi scratcher, buy the DID chains, Honda dont make them themselves, its the same chain anyway!Don`t worry

Yup! Gonna order a set of DID. The same type endless chain in the correct number of links, just £30 cheaper each!! Also ordered a new set of big end bearings from Dave Silver today, and guess what, original part numbers for the shells supercede to new ones, and the cost of the part more than doubles from £4 per shell to over £8!! I must add though, that the guy rang me from Silvers and reduced the new parts price by 25% with no prompting from me. Now that’s good customer service and is what gets people coming back to them when they need stuff. Just thought I’d mention it!