Camchain tensioner bracket assy, comp.

Hello V4 friends. [:D]
I’m looking for some tips around the tensioner bracket assy.

This important part is discontinued by Honda,
as far as I know. And not in stock anymore at DSS or CMS.

And that’s bad news. I have not been able to find these
tensioners anywhere, since early in 2007.
It’s still a lot of these bikes onroad in Scandinavia,
and some of the bikes must replace these parts.

Have any of you found a solution around this challenge,
like replacement parts, other types of springs or anything else…
Maybe it’s the time to make some new pattern parts in China…

Part number 14510-MB6-060 , the latest rev. for
VF1000F & VF1000F-II with double holes
for the lock pin.

I had an on-line conversation with a SABMAG forum member who said he’d added a 2nd tensioner spring inside the original spring… He added that his tensioners had never needed any further attention in over 15K miles…

I’m planning to try this mod and have a “spare” set of tensioner brackets for my FE… If/When I get the job completed, I’ll post photos and info…


I have seen a picture of the VF750F tensioner and it looks identical. Apart from having the MB0 rather than MB6 in the part number they look to be exactly the same overall dimensions, the mounting holes appear to match up and it even has the later 2 holes for the locking pin. I’m not sure but I think the 750 used a HyVo chain and the 1000 used a roller chain. I’m wonder if the spring was the same though, because if it was, there may be the solution. If it was possible to take a new spring from both parts and put them on a spring guage, it would tell us for certain.
Is this a possibility?

CMS has the VF750F tensioners in stock for 45 euros. 14510 MB0 874, and springs 14514 MB0 000, 3.50 Euros.