Hi I have recently bought a 1984 VF1000f which I intend to get it back to something like it was a few years back. The Paintwork has faded a bit but is complete, I can sort this out. The engine though I can repair but if there is another way could someone please let me know. The problem is the front exhaust camshaft it has a few small pits on the lobes, the biggest problem is, there is too much play between the cam and the head.I have been told I can bye new Cam caps or have the old ones skimmed to take the play up.Is this best way to do this. Also I have read somewhere that I can have my cams reground, I have also read there is somewhere in Canada that can do this, anyone know how much? do I need to sell my house? I am in no hurry[:)].

some years ago while attending Merton college in London training to be a motorcycle mechanic I ran my Honda RS250 single out of oil coming from Norwich and the teachers reground my camshaft then sprayed it with stalite then re profiled it,it was going strong two years later.

hi tony

a few years ago i looked into having the cams re ground and i found a place called service exchange parts in kegworth derbyshire who were very helpful, here is a link: or ring them on 01509 673295, at the time they did an exchange service don’t know if is still offered.


Hi Tony,how much play are we talking about?The pre line bored heads fitted to the FE did have a fir bit of clearance on the cams.It would be worth using some plastigauge to check them.Small pits on the cam faces are not uncommon and tend not to cause any problems.Regards BIF

Thanks to everyone I will look into your comments, Have a good Christmas everyone.