Hi guys, going to look at a 1000f tomorrow . Worried about the top end probs, what should I look for. Also are the 1000s a reliable bike. Cheers.

if worried buy a top end oiler kit and no more worries
yes a brute of a bike and still turns heads today
my vf will be on the road this may or june :slight_smile:

Can I get a oiler kit in the U.K. Mate.

Hi PB,any running VF will have had had any remedial work done a long time ago.
There are still plenty of guys who swear by an oiling kit though.
One of the forum members Crooky produced a number of these kits here in the U.K,his contact details are available in the members section of the forum.
Best regards Bif

P.B. as Biff says, unless the bike you are going to view has been standing for many years it will have “gone past” the so called cam worries stage. It was very largely exaggerated anyway. If you are able to take the cam covers off then obviously that would be a great advantage but if not you’re going to have to get a feeling for its health by interrogating the current owner. If you do get it and the engine runs and sounds healthy then all you need worry about is regular good oil changes I believe.

Welcome @PB, did you have a look? And more importantly, did you purchase?

Standard forum rules apply: pictures or it didn’t happen! :wink: