Camshaft restoration

Hi guys, anybody know of where I can get my camshafts ground down, built up and reground?

hi roger,

these guys can regrind cam lobes and build up cam bearing surfaces then regrind to size, may be worth giving them a call.

S.E.P. Kegworth - 39 Sideley Road
Kegworth, Derbyshire, DE74 2FJ
Telephone: 01509 673295
Fax: 01509 673244

also… joy cams

Joy Engineering - camshaft specialist

Thank a lot , cheered me up a bit :slight_smile:

Camshafts and followers gone today to SEP Kegworth for resurrection. £80 per camshaft and £20 per follower plus VAT, sounds expensive, but a new camshaft for an F model was available from CMS was £299 each, never mind the cost of followers. Let you know the result, just sent today. Thanks VF Pete

hi roger,
it would have been good if you’d had some before and after shots to put up on here, i think if you like the bike and its worth saving you can always justify spending the the money, when i changed the cams and rockers on the fe many many years ago i seem to remember the cams were £76 each plus vat and the rockers were £25 each plus vat direct from honda
I think cms are just being a bit greedy, but its possible some one will buy it,

anyway hope all goes well with the cams roger.

Hi Pete, I took some pics, so will try to upload before and after when I get back from refurb

hi roger,
have uploaded the before and after pics for you, they looked pretty pitted, just shows what can be repaired.

Thanks Pete, must just say that the followers were just as bad. The total cost was £240.

At last I have got my cams back in and timed correctly, I believe… Many thanks and esp to VF Pete. Next task is to fit the Dave Dodge top end oiling kit I just got, will have to wait until after Xmas as my mate needs the ramp we share…

that’s a summer job like my pro link bolts to re grease after 30 years
fingers too cold and laying on cold concrete 8)