Camshaft wanted!

Just found out Dave Silver had supplied me the wrong front inlet camshaft last year for my bike rebuild. He now has none of the 84 FE ones left that I needed, So I have a brand new FF,F2 on front inlet cam 14111MB6308 I’d happily swap for a new FE one 14111MB6306 if anyone has one, or someone can buy the FF part from me for at cost.

Update; I now have a replacement camshaft, special order from Honda, thru Dave Silver. He refunded me in full for the one they incorrectly picked(it was ordered back in Jan 07!)and discounted the full price replacement down from £175+ vat to £140. With my refund it cost a slightly more manageable £80 all in. Bit of a pain, but at least I got one now to complete the engine!