Can Someone Verify?

Hey VF Owners,

Currently there are a couple '85 VF1000R’s on eBay. One is reasonably priced while the other is priced much higher. Though they both are definitely '85’s, one has the dual headlights that came on the U.S. version in '86.
After contacting the seller, he claims that the last batch of '85 were imported here with the dual headlights. Can anyone verify this? I know that sometimes Honda made some mid-year changes but I find this a little odd and know that converting the headlight is not that difficult. Check it out on eBay.
Any input would be appreciated. Thanks


I only see two VF1000R, one 85 one 86. Both seem to be what they are described. I also had a 85 US modell with dual head light.

The 85 has the black connecting “Bridge” of the front fork, 86 has the golden one.

Ask for Frame / Motor number:
85 has FM engine SC16E -21…
86 has GM engine SC16E-22…

Both of the VF1000Rs on eBay are 85s. The paint schemes give them away. The blue paint on the 86 goes farther down the sides of the fuel tank and front fairing. Also the red and white stripping on the tail piece is different as the rear seat cover on the 86 is completely red while the 85 has a small section at the bottom that is white. I was unaware of the dual headlights that came on the late model 85s. I’ve learned something new about these. Thanks for the feedback.