Carb fuel pipes

Hi all, need to purchase a carb fuel pipe but not sure which one it is on the cmsnl parts diagram. Here is a pic:

It is for a vf1000re and is the fuel in pipe that goes from the bottom of the carbs feeding the float valves It is 10.7mm diameter and 67mm long. It looks like joint set a 16026 mb0 671 but diagram less than clear and I don’t want to order wrong part. If anyone has one to sell even better would rather give money to a fellow rider than cmsnl.


Found one on david silvers site and they have the dimensions which is an improvement on cmsnl. Hopefully it is the right one they list it as 10mm x 65mm which is not the exact measurements but close enough as the only other tube that is a similar shape is much thinner. Hopefully this is the last piece of the jigsaw and I can get bike back on the road before summer is over!


that one in the picture looks like the same one i need for my fe 1984
whats wrong with that t piece ?
lloyd windysolar1

Hi windy sorry about slow reply, I see you’ve ordered a new one now. This one has a big crack behind the t. Where have you ordered yours from, I looked on david silvers site and it said they had non?


found one on ebay
should be here soon :slight_smile: