Carb ID by serial number?

Gooday All,
Or evening down here in Aus. Tinkering in the shed this arvo, and fitted a Uni filter. My 85 FF with Laser 4/1 had been running a little rich judging from the pipe outlet colour- dark grey and sooty. Pulled plugs and they were an even mid brown. I’ll run the bike with the new air filter before changing or resetting anything. The FF carbs are marked 86AAYD, and my spare FF also has 86AAYE - I haven’t checked jet sizes on either of these yet.
In the meantime I’m trying to identify some carbs which came with an FE model and R bits.
There’s one set marked 77AAYC
Another set 82CAVK
Can anyone identify which ones are correct for the FE?
There’s also a big collection of main jets, pilots, needles, slides, springs and diaphragms so lots of fun coming up with carb tuning!

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Hi, after checking my genuine Honda parts book:
Both VD86A Carbs should be Australian release 1000ff
The VD82C Should be off a Canadian 1000FE
The VD77A I don’t have that number listed so could be off the R or even 750 someone will know.
Obviously the different carbs have different jets and internals.
If you want to know part numbers let me know which jets you want or what will fit.
In the past when I have fitted a better custom exhaust system to any bike I have always put larger jets in because the whole system breaths better even with a standard filter system.

Thanks Jovimill, appreciate you confirming the 86s are correct for the FF model. Intriguing that the 82c are for Canada?
I’ll try further research re 77s , cheers Greg

Hi Speedy,VD77As are US spec R carbs for both 85/86 models

Thanks Bif,
the plot thickens. Maybe I’ll sell the R bits I have, wheel carbs, and some other bits and pieces to fund the next VF project- FF frame motor and wheels with FE bodywork.
I seem to recall you had said FE fork inners were shorter, how much? I have good assembled FE forks that I thought I’d use with the larger front wheel?
Cheers form down under