Carb link tubes

Hi, after getting some very helpful advice on where to get my carb rebuild kits from you guys I’m after more advice please. One of the fuel supply link pipes has a break in it on my F2 and need to find a replacement and they seem to be like rocking horse dung! Anybody got any ideas please

Post a pic of the one you need and I will see what I have

Thank you very much for looking, your a star

Yup,got one here pm me your address and we will sort it out

Oh excellent! If you let me know what you want for it and your bank info I’ll transfer asap. Address is Phil Shillito, 6 Suprema avenue, Edington, Bridgwater, TA7 9LF. Thanks again

You up and running yet Phil?

Tube fitted a treat fella but have lots to do to her before she’s running again

Keep up the good work Phil,it will be worth the effort

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