Carb Parts Black Plastic fuel or Vent tube

I am looking for the Black Plastic Vent tube or Fuel tube for the VF 1000.?

VF1000 CarbsPNG

Keges335, Which one r u after ?

Its actually the one that doesn"t go in the Plenum. Just a straight piece.Can"t believe its Plastic. Noticed it was broke when I took Carbs off .Couldn"t figure out which one that would be in Pic?

Get the aluminum ones like I did off of ebay.

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Ok Thks appreciate it

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Yes Sir I am glad to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks from me too, after reading this article I headed to eBay ordered the tubes. Should be arriving any time around 30th December. Thanks again to you and to keges335 for asking the question in the first place. Cheers men keep on riding.