Carb removal


can anyone give me a hint how to remove the carbs from a FE model? I tried today but theese bastards were not moving 1 mm.


Hi Hans,loosen all the clamps on the carb insulators,remove the air box too.Now lever the the rear carbs forward and up at the same time.Work one side at a time and they will free off.Regards BIF

Bleeding knuckles and lots of swearing, you will love putting them back on, a new set of carb insulators help, the rubber goes hard making it difficult to remove and hell to replace!

Dont rush it,leave the aluminium plate attached that holds them all at 90 degrees and work them out slowly.Just done one of my VF’s and its not that bad,just takes time.

I did it. It was total nightmare, but it worked out. I think it took almost 2 hours.
I’m confident that reattaching will be a bit easier, because, what I think was the major problem was that tha carbs were glued to the insulators. [?]

By the way: Opening the the float bowl gave me an impression of what a dirty carb means. I’m not wondering anymore, why it did not make one single ignition. :slight_smile: