carb rubber clamp needed

just fitted new float needle valves today but one of my clamps snapped with age getting it round the left carb front.
thought it was going easy
anyone got any or can i get new ones cant work out the part number

batterys on charge i was hoping to run her monday but :slight_smile:

David Silver maybe ??

That’s a pain!

Can’t help, I’m afraid.

Is eBay worth a trawl?

PM me your details Windy,and I will stick one in the post
Regards Bif

thanks guys managed to get a slim type jubalee clamp from local honda dealer in norwich for £1
fitted but hurt my finger tendon in the process left front bastard carb.
no leaks now at last…
ordered a new stater from usa today as my ones now slowed up again and its getting a oil change and filter before its Mot,ed at the end of the month

need more computers to fix so i will be triggering some of them psu to burst in flames remotely like the google adds 8)