carb vent tubes

Hi all as anyone got the plastic t piece parts also known as the fuel vent tubes that link the carbs on my early 86 c reg as mine have become brittle I think the early f carbs are different if any one can help me out it would be much appreciated as the only ones I can find are for the interceptor 84 model in the states and don’t think they fit

regards Paul

hi paul,
I’ve just had a quick look at my ff carbs, i think one of the vent tubes is the same as a fe, the other is different, i have this one if you want it, its probably from a fe as i don’t have much ff stuff.

P.S. will have a look around for some of that weld seal.

that’s the air breather pipes
He needs the fuel inlet pipes which are thicker ;D

This is the petrol T pipe that is needed

picture taken with my HTC Incredible S 8MB camera Awesome picture

This is What you want From Dave Silver Spares on SALES HOTLINE 01728 833020

its the short stumpy one Fuel


i put a post in recently. Had the same struggle with the petrol t piece and ended up making one cos I’m scottish and stingy. Might be a solution thats frowned upon but basically made it out of a standard fuel t piece with fuel hose on the two outputs to form the seal with the carbs. Has worked so far, just the rest of the bike thats causing me pain. rod knock now. Still at least I’m learning lots about VF1000s.


:’(I think I would still prefer the original part as its compressed between two carbs designed by Honda and when using petrol the leak would be huge and if it caught light by a spark from the HT coil BYE BYE bike and one less around

hi, unfortunately i only have the breather/vent tube as pictured above, i don’t have any of the fuel tubes

Cheers Pete thanks for looking I will order one from dave silver

regards Paul