Carbs for Sale, First Post!

Hello forum members! First post here for me, but I’ve been lurking for a while now. I ended up selling my 84VF1000F around Christmas time, and I have leftover parts.

Complete set of carbs for the 84 vf1000F, cleaned, has a DynoJet kit with tapered needles, jetted, and shortened springs. These were used on a bike with stock airbox and aftermarket Cobra F1 slip ons so the jetting is not too radical. The bike actually ran well with bone stock carbs so I left these off of it.

Only one small flaw with them, one of the mixture screw heads had been stripped by the previous owner. I center drilled it and lightly tapped a torx bit into it. That allowed for removal and adjustment of the screw. Nothing is seized or broken, just might want to get a new mix screw if it suits your needs.

Let me know if you’re interested, and if not I’ll post them up on ebay in a couple weeks and see if they sell there.

Someone emailed me through the forum here about the carbs asking if they’re still available. It wasn’t a private message, which is what I’m familiar with on forums. Not entirely sure if replying to that email got back to the original person asking the question or not.

Yes, the carbs are still for sale. Thanks for the interest!

Hi, I am interested in the carbs how much including p&p to Norwich
Regards Paul

Paul, can you give me more details on the location? I’m not sure if you’re saying Norwich, CT (US?) or if it’s outside the US on inside the US.