I took out the air box and aluminium plate off the carbs over the weekend to inspect a possible oil leak from the external oil pipe. I noticed that when I twisted the throttle the front right carb was wanting to pull over towards the front left carb by about 5mm. When I put the ally plate back on the carbs the throttle became very difficult to turn. I checked all the obvious things like trapped cables etc but nothing seems to be wrong. Without the plate on the carbs the throttle is smooth ( as it was before I took the bloody thing off ) Any advice / ideas ?


If you can post a good picture of your carbs I will try to help you as my carbs have been on the bench,cleaned and refitted


Thanks Lloyd, not sure how to post pics. Do I need photobucket or something like that ?


set up a photobucket account
then upload a picture or 10 depending on how much time you have,
once the pictures uploaded click the links next to the picture
then go back to the forum keeping your photo bucket window open.
then add some words then move the cursor down to a fresh line like this
[:D]click the box marked insert image above then right click paste in between the two out facing brackets next to the words img.

when done go to preview to see if it worked

Best image size 640x480 upto 1.3 mega pixel

and it should work


Thanks again Lloyd, thats roughly how it works on the CX site ( of which Im a member.
Since I wrote that other bit, I`ve been back to the carbs, got them freely working on the twist grip but when it fired up iot was lumpy as hell.
I finally decided to get the bloody things right off and see whats going on - low and behold the two mixture screws on the inside two carbs ( nos 1 & 2 - back left and front left ) where/are actually missing.Are also one of the small screws which pull the side by side carbs together had its lug broken off. So, as a result I,m on the lookout out for a set of carbs ( sorry “carbies” - for the Aussies !)so I can make a half decent set from them all.
Bit pissed off because I was hoping to take her to North Devon this weekend with a few mates but I,ve have to take the CX650 instead.
Anyone selling a set of carbs out there in the UK ?


Carbs Item number: 370653301160
ebay in the USA
He might ship just ask


Thanks mate, looked at them and theyre the R model ? Theres also a set of Rs in the UK for £100.00 with free delivery. Im not that flush at the moment and will wait to see what turns up over the winter. Theres a guy whos breaking an FE on ebay so I`ll call him this morning - wish me luck.[?]

Pip Pip martin

break a leg as they say
I rebuilt my baby over 12 months and it still turns heads of amazement like [}:)]WHAT IS THAT! before your time sonny.When large motorcycles were ridden by men,too much for you to handle.[8D]
I will check my messages for a guy that had a vf in a barn He broke the bike so I think he still has them and other bits too