Carburator Springs

Allright, so we tried starting the bike - wasn’t getting fuel. Got it running with some spray in stuff. After a few tries it ran on its own and began to take a little fuel. It died.

Took a look at throttle linkage and noticed butterflies weren’t opening o0n all carbs. So checked linkage, sure enough, one wasn’t engaging, the other was half engaged. Also notice 2 little springs were missing - found them - tried to sit them back in, but they keep falling out.

Whats the deal . There is a nib and the screw from above should anchor it. Can’t find a good pic of the setup. I’ll post pics.

Also, since we were so busy working on getting started we didn’t notice that out of the exhaust projectiles were flying out. Pebble like substances which I would say looked like deer poop. LOL - I had a family of mice living in the rear end of the bike for over 10 years, they made a mess of the ignitors and quite the stink. I suppose something could have been living in the muffler. Well here are the pics, any answers ?

Also, horn stopped working and my flashers don’t work - they did - What did i do or burn out. Spent alot of time requiring the back end . Noticed these bikes used alot of “commoned” green wires. Anyhow, I have tail and licence plate light working. Ignitors work. Good batt, good spark - fuel pump seems to engage - but will work on that after the bike starts from gravity fed jerry can.

I do got to get these springs in so throttle acts on all four carbs. Had them in, but move the carb set around, they fall right right out. Something is not right.

Intake boots - cracked and brittle - someone have a set they can part with - None on Ebay.

Appreciate the help.

Got pics but can’t seem to load them on the post

Hi Liv, sounds like your carbs are very crusty with age and old fuel. Im sorry to say it wont be easy to remedy this because youll need to take them off and split them then get them ultrasonically cleaned.
Before you do that take photos all the way because those little springs fly everywhere even when youre taking the carbs off the bike - a nightmare. Do you know anyone who has experience on these bikes coz theyll be worth their weight in gold to you.
Hope that doesn`t sound too negative …