Carburators, new to this. 1984 VF1000F

Okay, so lets start from the start.

Hi ! I bough a bargain 500$ 1984 Interceptor…In pieces…The guy wasn’t able to rebuilt de carbs so he got tired of it and sold it to me

I’ve managed to rebuilt them to some point.

The only thing where i’m lost is the air/fuel joint pipes and fuel feed

Where and how ? The pictures in the shop manual are pretty unclear about that.
I’ll join pictures of the pieces I have left and my carbs

I have no idea how to identify #1 to #4


[size=14pt]Okay I think I got it, i’m actually missing some fuel joint pipes, and I don’t think that the air joints are mandatory since it’s only for vacuum, right ?

EDIT 2 ; I’m such a dumbass, I got it figured out :stuck_out_tongue: thank’s anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a dumbass - just honest. We’ve all done the same.

Hi, i attempted to rebuild my california carbs also, the 1st 1 came apart ok, the 2nd 1 i twisted the emulshion tubes into trying to remove. So i purchased a rebuild set from The Carb Guys , 269-429-5402, Kirt Mullig,
1089 Brookfield Dr. Saint Joseph Mi, 49085. I spoke to him about the California Carbs, & he informed that his company did not rebuild them, because they couldn’t get them to work right, jetting 1 issue & vacume leaks another issue, so i purchased a rebuilt set , 49 state, no vacume lines & 49 state jetting, they work perfect. cost $675.oo delivered to my house, & a $140.oo core refund 4 my California cores/ 1st air filter plate. they came completely assembled / the 1st air cleaner plate, ready to bolt on after connecting the trottle cables & choke, &1 fuel line. i used new rubber intake boots / some vaseline & they went on the heads pretty easy, just pushing down by hand. runs great. also ck voltage to fuel pump, mine was only 6 volts, probably what caused the fuel pump to quit.