Carburetor air tube, where does it go?

Hi guys I’m new here, be gentle with me :slight_smile:
I’ve just bought a non running but very good condition 1985 VF1000f.
I now have it running and is rideable but is lacking power. One thing I have noticed there is a tube missing from the carbs ( see pic ) in the manual it says air tube, I can put a piece of hose on there all well and good but where does the other end go? Should there be vacuum on it, or is it just a drain or what? I can’t figure out where it should go to, I’ll try take an actual pic if the one from the manual doesn’t help

On mine, both those air pipes finish in the alloy bottom of the air box covered with an anodised shield…no pipe attached. Mine is 1985 vf1000fe.

84 model carbs air pipes fed back into the plenum as Previous post says.
85 models vent to the atmosphere,the F2 has a tube that runs back the frame just above the shock mount.
This allows air into the float bowl as required and prevents any vacuum being created which would cause a weak mixture.
Regards Bif

Thanks for your help guys, the pipe in question wasn’t the issue it was a blocked jet. Stripped and cleaned the carbs and now it runs great, in fact amazing for a 30 year old bike!

the carbrator air tube goes into the swing arm … if the air do not flow out, the gasoline do not go to the carburator … lack in power auotmaticcally :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: