My home made carrier, been trying all ways to post pics for ages, guess I am just too friggin old !!! Think I have done it now though…

Obviously not… gonna get the hang of this some day… sorry for false post…

checkout my newest posts for help

I tried to do it a few times, but failed, apparently its quite simple…[:o)]

open a photo bucket account
upload the pictures
copy the link from the box provided(choice of 4)
then post a reply
then paste from your clipboard in-between the insert image icon to display picture.

press preview to view its working

picture has to be online some else for it to work

have fun I did[:D]

Ha Ha! did it! I think?

I already had a photobucket account, I copied the direct link into the message box, then highlighted the link with right clicking and using “select all” then hit the “insert image” button!

Thanks guys !