Cbr600 rear wheel brake hanger

Have been looking at a post from bif about changing the wheels to cbr600 f2 wheels and it all looks quite straightforward so am going to get some wheels asap and begin the changeover the only thing that I can see that would be different on the R from the F would be the rear brake hanger, bif recommended one from a cbr400 aero bored out for the shaft but the R has a different rear brake to the F so I’m guessing this won’t work so do I use the original hanger? I’m sure bif or Pete know the answer to this, thanks.


I’ve used a modified PC25 mounting plate on my R. What you don’t see is the welded part where the steel bolt is screwed into. I also have a spacer to fit the distance on the axle.



Hi Gary,
I quite like what faxe has done with his set up, bif and myself did it slightly different, we used the cbr600f3 rear caliper bracket, then fabricated a aluminium tongue which was tig welded into the slot in the swing arm


The other way you could do it is use the earliest cbr600f caliper and bracket, this is an above arm caliper with a tie rod, I did this on one of my f’s, you will need to bore the caliper bracket axle hole out to vf size, then fabricate your own tie rod which you could fix somewhere around the foot peg hanger mount , the caliper is a twin pot, it doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as the more modern cbr600f2/3 caliper set ups…

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I too like what faxe has done it looks very neat and professional, I don’t want to start welding the swingarm as it has been powder coated and would need to be done again. Faxe do you have a picture of the area where it has been welded or a picture taken from above to give me an idea of what is required. Thanks.


I keep this in mind and take a pic if possible. Unfortunally my garage is full with my wife’s 400 Ninja the “R” and the NC24 that is into pieces.in the maintenance process and 2 bicycles.