Cbr6000f2 fork preload caps

Does anyone know if 41mm cbr 600 f2 fork preload caps will go on the vf1000 forks??

I bet they fit. I don’t see them using a different thread. I just might have to try it.

Pretty sure the threads on the VF1000 forks are a lot farther down inside the tube than the F2. Don’t think F2 caps are long enough to grab enough threads.

Edit: I was thinking of the fact that you can’t use 1000R caps in 1000F tubes for that reason.

But… the CBR threads are much finer than the VF1000. That’s what I discovered when I was thinking about the same thing. I contemplated modifying some VF caps to take a preload mechanism.

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Thanks for your input guys.
That was my fear , like the ones I bought off ebay then found that they had fine threads and are no good.
On the picture that I have seen of the cbr6000 caps the threads look coarser than the ones I bought and I am tempted to have a go. like kelly suggested ,why make a different thread, some parts off the cbr seem to have travelled along from the vf/vfr route.
I dont want to waste more money but for the chance off getting an adjustable preload its tempting and I can always stick them back on and try to recoup the money.

I will let you know if I take the plunge.

Are your forks modified with Emulators where you no longer have rebound adjustment at the cap? That’s what my original plan was, but when I ran into the fork cap thread difference, I switched gears and went with the updated instruction from Race Tech using only one Emulator on the compression side.

By the way, if you go that route, don’t buy the VF1000 kit. It is just one valve for the price you can get two 4101 on sale. (after multiple emails, I got the tech to confirm that it is the same unit). I upgraded two of my 1000s for the price of one. And they feel great. I went with the heaviest valve spring and the 4 hole bleed plate. And still have working rebound adjustment on the other fork.

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My forks are standard but thanks for the heads up on 2 for one.
I have never liked the forks on my vf, they seem to be far too hard on country roads and spring up fiercely, I think some of that is the ridiculous front tyre I have on it (only one I could find to match the conti on the back) this tyre was a big mistake but bearing with it until I get my conversion done (hopefully Bif will be back with some good news soon).
I remember the first vf1000fe I had back in 1990, the handling was fantastic after jumping off the bike before it (gpz1100 uni trac) that was soon shamed though when I bought a vfr750 and realised what good handling was for that era (31 years ago!!!) mind you My first bikes were from the late seventies and we thought they were great untill the likes of the vf and the gpz900 came along. but even my zzr 1200 that I ride now is in the historic handling dept being from 2004.
I started riding in 1980 and progressed from the obligatory 2 strokes to to 550cc 4 strokes and headed upwards, through a total of around 73 machines to date, all genres including triumph rocket 3. but my vf1000fe is still the bike that holds interest, the others are just passing through , some quickly and some after years Like the zzr1200 ive had for 10 years now about the same as the vf.

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