Centre stand fitting

Thanks to kfrogzx7 I have a centre stand for the FF. It came with spring and hollow centre pin. Anyone got a diagram on how it fits?

The Honda workshop manual doesn’t even mention it let alone removal and fitting - an odd omission eh?

Is it worth getting a Clymer or similar to use with the Honda manual or not worth it? In fact do they do a version for the FF/FII anyway?

Here’s a link to the parts list for the stand, it shows the layout and order of fitting, I think my Clymer manual mentions greasing the hollow pin but that’s about it for the stand.


The Clymer manual is good as it has more in the way of explanation and photos than the service manual BUT the section on cam line up is wrong which is pretty bloody bad, it must have driven heaps of people crazy over the years !

It’s fairly straight forward Skullster, IF ( IF ) you’ve got the collector box off of course !!!
That’s the bad news out of the way, because I think it’s impossible to fit with exhaust in place, someone will correct me if I’m wrong on that one.
Anyway the stand itself fits between the two pinch clamps on your frame and the pin can go thru’ the clamps either way round with the split pin fitted next.
I’d recommend copious copper grease as I have known them to seize and start turning in the pinch clamps, wearing them and getting loose eventually.
Tighten your pinch bolts to grip the hollow pin and job done.

Ah I don’t like the IF! The collector is still on. Its going to get a new crooky collector when funds allow, so I guess the stand will have to wait for that too. And its all painted nice and black too :frowning: LOL