Change headlight

Good day again.
How can i install the twin headlight in my vf f2 with the single headlight?
Has anyone done it?

I changed the headlight on my RE for a twin headlight and it looks much better. You need the headlight brackets for the twin as they are different though I couldn’t find any so adapted the original ones. The other difference is the wiring loom, I replaced mine with one from a later model that had the two bulb holders and sockets for the relays, you also need two relays, one to turn lights off and on and one for high or low beam. You could use the original harness and adapt it for the relays by using the existing wiring to turn on the relays then make a harness up to go from the relays to the bulbs. If you require any help with the wiring let me know.

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I thought it would be easier. Anyway i will try to find the parts you mentioned. Thanks!

Hey garyb will the F2 Headlight frame and headlight fit. will the F2 wiring loom have the right fittings and relays. If they do, I might be able to help with parts. Were are you vf1000f2. I am in Australia and have an F2 rolling frame that I bought for spares and a project bike so don’t need these parts.

I think the f2 uses the same relays and headlamp connectors so may well fit. Meeting up with 8 or so other vf owners at the weekend for a cultural exchange and light refreshment so will ask if anybody knows for sure.

Finally dug the parts manual out,the mounting bracket is the same for all area codes so the twin light should bolt straight in.I did the conversion on my R and didn’t have another harness to hand so made a sub loom from bits I sourced on eBay to plug into the original bulb socket.I then used LED bulbs to keep the current low on the switch gear.
I have since sourced a twin headlight harness and will swap it at some point

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