Change slow jet

Is it possible to replace jets without dismantle the carb package. Just to unscrew from bortom?

hi kjelland,
ive never tried to remove the carb bottoms while they are still on the bike, looking at them I would say its a lot easier to just remove the carbs

Hi ,
I agree with vf pete! There is hardly any clearance underneath them!
Before I removed mine for the first time I searched through the forum posts for any advice and after reading through various posts I was expecting a difficult job. Actually it was easy and relatively quick (16 minuttes from the moment I removed the petrol tank) Whilst not being an engineering challenge, there are definately some techniques to it!

Everyone has their own technique to remove the carbs, this is what works for me;
My advice would be to read the workshop manual first, if you are not already familiar with the process (I downloaded the one free on this website)
Here are some general tips that might help you;
Remember to drain the carb float bowls first! Once the airbox is off, remove the choke cable and the metal plate at the front.Loosen the jubilee clips on the carb mountings completely, use a hair dryer to warm up the rubber mountings, have a large flat bladed screwdriver ready to gently pry the front two carbs out first, then pull the two rear carbs out. Once free, lift the carbs up, turn the carbs 90 degrees to the left and on their sides, to access the throttle cables. loosen the adjusters and turn the thottle actuator to remove the cables. It sounds complex but as long as you have some expierence tinkering with old bikes it is not difficult at all!!

Good luck!

And pick a nice warm day to remove them. (Softens the isolators)…