Cheap oil mod for vf1000

Hi guys ,
Hope all are well including the bikes.
I was just flicking through ebay and wondering what to buy for the old lady (vf) when I saw an add from America for an oil line mod from the oil filter for £100, Has anyone here used this mod and is it as good as the braded hose ones, his write up on it makes it sound like childs play and that he has used it with the same success as the more expensive ones.
Thanks Guys.

I would never use external lines running at engine oil pressure that are secured by hose barbs and screw on clamps.

I agree with @DonR
The thought of hot, pressurised oil in rubber lines secured by ordinary hose clamps right beside my right leg would be unacceptable for me……….
It might be cheap, but not worth the risk is my thought

I use this one: Maniac Motors - The Final Performance for ALL Bikes

It depends on the typ of lines used. You also run pressurised hot water in rubber lines secured by clamps.

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Coolant system is only 15-16psi and failure isn’t as sudden and catastrophic. The kit in your link looks much better.

Well i think that has made my decision final.
Thanks you guys. seemed a bit of a quick fix and i guess no gain without the pain.
Does anyone know where to get the braided hose with banjo clamps and the oil filter fitment type from?
i realise it’s more expensive but with the wisdom of you people it’s worth doing.

Thanks faxe just looked at your link.
price is good too
will be looking into this

At 5000 revs you have some where in the region of 75psi in tho oil system, i personaly wouldnt trust the hoses or the clamps… if a hose blew off you’d empty the sump pretty fast and probably do major damage to the rest of the engine

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And that’s if they don’t spray oil all over the tyres for a much worse outcome.

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It is all a matter of preference.

  1. There is absolutely no need to run extra filtered oil to the cams.
  2. The problem with the cams has nothing to do with unfiltered oil, it is caused by soft cam lobes, incorrect casting procedures and hard chromed followers which a lot of Japanese bikes had problems with.
  3. The solution is to have cam’s ground and hardened correctly, at the same time the followers have to be ground (to remove the hard chrome) and built up to be ground and hardened too.
  4. In the majority of cases the cam bearings are ok when the cam lobes and followers destroy themselves. You would think that the soft alloy cam bearings would be the first to go if it was an oil problem.
  5. If you have the inclination to use any of the oil modifications on the market, then I would recommend using the ones that remove as little of the standard piping as possible.
  6. Cooling rubber hoses are designed to withstand pressure and heat. When a cooling hose bursts when the engine is at its hottest it is under a great deal of pressure which when released, converts the coolant to steam and steam can peel your skin away if you are close enough.
  7. With proper maintenance and inspection schedules you should be able to prevent this happening.
  8. Oil hoses and Water hoses are designed to take these pressures and the heat that pressure creates. The clamps and fittings if used correctly should easily stop both systems from leaking.
  9. Obviously, like everything else you can pay a lot more money for higher quality systems that may or may not last longer than cheaper versions. All I know is normal cheaper hoses and fittings have been used on machinery for years without problems.
  10. I am not saying not to use the oil modifications nor am I saying that you should use them. You should do your own investigations and then decide what you want or need.

I have over eight VF1000’s E’s, F’s and parts of an F2F. I am slowly going to completely rebuild them all and will do different things with different bikes. FYI I actually bought all of Crookie’s oil mods that he had left with the intention of using them on some of my rebuilds.
Again it is all a matter of preference and what you want to do with your bike, but get some information for yourself so that you are happy with what you decide. I am sure that other people may have a different opinion to me because that is because we are all different and want different things. They are only opinions.