Cheeky question

I know this is obviously the VF1000 site but now Ive got one I love em so much Im looking at the others in the range. I know all about the ( largely exaggerated ) cam problems on the 750s which seems to have tainted all the VF models but Ive spotted a beautifull looking VF500 in the same colour scheme as the 1000R.
She`s done a lot of mileage but the price is low. Whats your thoughts peeps ?

[:)]I dont think they were affected with the cam problem
If I had some cash left free I would get one for my collection Too
Are you looking at the one in Carmarthen on ebay,its a long trip for Me Too far away sadly[:(]


Hi Lloyd, no this ones in Dorset. Just asked him some poignant questions about it. I hope its rubbish otherwise Im gonna get sucked in !!


I would definitely like a full set of v fours in my garage to compete with my brother in Topeka Kansas collection.
just need a bigger garage and some money[:D]
the only trouble is My brother gets bikes given to him for free[}:)]

I have a good 500F2F with an almost complete spares bike.Mine has done 34K,good service history and a real strong motor.Just had it on the dyno at 57hp at the back wheel.I would sell it at the right price as i have 14 bikes now and need to thin down a bit.