Classic Mechanics Show

According to their site the show on Oct 15/16 is at Newark this year,is it a typo?
Anywho be it Stafford or Newark I plan to be there on Saturday.
Anyone else up for it?
The big gray bus will be heading down the A1 Saturday early o’clock with some spare seats so let me know if that is of any use
Regards Bif

Hi bif… yep I will be making one to the show… where ever it is ?

P.s. I think it must be a typo bif… Googled it and it’s coming up as stafford for October 15th/16th…
Carol Nash does a winter classic show at the newark show ground in Jan 2017.

The app on my phone is saying Newark but that is obviously wrong Pete.
I did go to the January show three last year and it didn’t live up to the normous Newark show billing
Stafford it is
Regards Bif

just booked the advanced tickets for phil and myself, so it just looks like its going to be the three of us bif…

Thank you to all the lads who turned up at Stafford for a great day out.
After a whole day strolling around some seriously pricey projects and spotting very little for VF1000s (I did see a genuine front sprocket for an R) we came across what turned out to be an RG.
On talking with the vendor it turned out to be a genuine barn find on his part only he didn’t have a clue what he had.
Johnboy kindly did the driving on this trip but that meant I was stuck for transporting anything that big.
Phil chipped in that he had his pickup and Pete offered to store it at his if I went for it.
£250 changed hands and Teambif have another project.
Thanks Phil and Pete for transporting and storing the bike,John for getting me there and back and Martin for pointing out that the seller agreed the price so quickly that I could have probably got it for £50 less!!
Best regards Bif

No problem on the storage bif… its safely tucked away until your ready to collect it… just goes to show that there is still some genuine barn finds still out there and this bike has now fallen into the right hands… if bif hadnt bought it i would have… There will be a hell of a lot of work to get it looking great again and I’m sure bif will do an excellent job…
Thanks to John. Martin. And Phil for being as usual great company… special thanks to bif for spotting the RG before me and saving me a whole heap of money and ebay searching over the next year or so…lol…

Well done you clever people. I’m beginning to think Bif lives in an old aircraft hanger when I hear about all the old V4’s he drags back there on a regular basis, but as Pete says, they couldn’t be in better hands.
I would have loved to gone along but way back, a re-union was planned for that date. Wont make that mistake again !