close up pictures of the blue vf please

Hi crooky1811
Could you show some close up pictures of your oil mod kit fitted on the bike please
Like where on the engine it connects


The adaptor fits behind the oil filter and the oil lines fit where the stock hard lines go into the heads.What bits do need pics of?

I would be helpful to see where on the heads the braided line attach
if thats possible sometime.


PS sent you an email after Christmas

Hi Lloyd,

have not recieved an e-mail mate.To attach the head lines,the airbox plate on the top of the carbs has to come off then release the throttle cables from the clamp,this allows access to the front head banjo bolt.Undo the banjo’s front and rear,they are quite long and remove the banjo from the top of the gearbox on the left hand side.
To remove the stock hard lines without bending them the carbs will need taking off,I just bent mine and pulled them off.Blank off the gearbox banjo hole with the supplied bolt and crush washer.Fit the braided lines to the heads using the new supplies crush washers and the stock banjo bolts.
To see where the lines need to go shine a torch up into the V under the carbs on the right hand side towards the front cylinder and you will see the stock line and banjo.Do the same for the rear line but from the left side and tawrds the rear cylinders.
If you cant do it then you can always bring your bike down to Milton Keynes and i will fit it for you.Should take about 3 hrs.
Cant really take pictures as the camera wont fit in close enough to show what you want to see.
E-mail to or txt to 07872936436


Hi, take a look at this website -
it illustrates the oil mod installation done by Ulf Gusgård, this is the same type of mod that Crooky has developed.
Has lots of pics which should be of use.


That shows it perfectly without me having to strip my bike to take the pics.

I will fit it for you no problem Lloyd if you need me to.



When I do get round to fitting the upgrade kit I will take high res pictures of the job stage by stage.
and I will try to post them for others to see.